Some Android Apps That You Can Download To Replace TrueCaller


Truecaller was very popular in checking unknown phone numbers. This application is used by people who are trying to trace the mobile number displayed on the screenshot.

Created by True Software developer Scandinavia AB, this Swedish application can detect caller ID, contact blocking, SMS spam blocking and also functions as a dialer. The application, released in 2009, is available for iOS and Android devices.

Seeing its function, Truecaller is not the only application that can track cell phone numbers. Besides Truecaller, there are a number of other similar applications that have the same function. Here are some apps to check the phone number.

  1. Whoscall

Whoscall was developed by Gogolook, a company based in Taiwan. This application identifies incoming unknown calls so users can decide to receive important calls from business partners or ignore unwanted calls.

There are some setting features, blocking based on numbers and keywords, and an offline database. This application can be downloaded for free and is available on the Android platform in 10 different languages.


By relying on a strong local network, Whoscall searches through the internet and user communities to produce content in call number identification.

Whoscall entered the ranks of the 2013 Google Play Best Application in 8 Asian countries. In 2013, this application was acquired by Naver so it became a shade for the Line chat application.

  1. Showcaller

Showcaller also serves to identify unknown phone numbers to find out the caller’s detailed location. You also block numbers to avoid fraud and other unwanted calls.

More complete features offered by this application. In addition to displaying names, Showcaller also shows the address along with comments about the number from other people who are victims.

Developed by Showcaller Caller ID Studio developer, this application is suitable for those of you who use a low-end smartphone. It is not only lightweight, but the size is also very small which is only about 5 MB.

  1. Hiya

Previously, this phone number blocking application was called Whitepages Caller ID. On its way, the latest version changed its name to Hiya. This application comes with a series of block features for phone calls and SMS spam.


In addition, there are also additional features such as information when getting a call from a private number and notifications when your cell phone gets messages in the form of spam, viruses, malware, adware, and spyware.

  1. Mr Number – Block Calls & Spam

Mr Number can detect and block phone numbers that are often used to launch spam calls and SMS as well as fraud. You can also use this application to block calls from unknown numbers. Numbers with certain area codes and numbers that are suspected of being spammers.

5.Tellows – Caller ID & Block

Just like other applications, of course, Tellows is equipped with features that allow info such as name, address, and location of the caller when we receive an incoming call. This information comes from Tellows users who have been called by the same number or know this number.

Besides, we can also see the types of calls from these numbers which are divided into 9 categories: trusted numbers, debt collection companies, lottery prizes, surveys, aggressive advertisements, terrorists, money fraud, telemarketing, and missed call mode. So, we can know what the owner of the number is calling us.